Becoming a skier or a snowboarder is easy and fun!

Our learning areas, such as the Modular Learning Park (MLP) and the various snowboard school initiation programs, will allow you to learn about snow sports in a fun and safe way.

before your VISIT

Clothing :

To be comfortable and enjoy your day outdoors, we advise you to wear several layers of clothing. This technique will allow you to adjust according to the temperature that can vary during the day.

First layer: In contact with the skin, it keeps you dry.

Second layer: It serves as insulation against the cold.

Third layer: It serves as a windbreaker and raincoat.


Do you need an instructor ?

Even if you can learn skiing and snowboarding on your own the advice of an instructor will allow you to gain confidence on the slopes. Our instructors act as a guide—you don’t need to be perfect, the important thing is to have fun!

Consult the different programs of the school.

If you prefer self-learning; get started easily with our Modular Learning Park—MLP.


Do you have your equipement ?

If you do not have equipment, our team will find the right equipment for your needs. In addition, our introductory packages include the rental of complete equipment including a helmet.


The day of your visit


Arrive in advance :

On the day of your activity, it is advisable to arrive 45 minutes before your lesson starts. This will allow you to be ready for your lesson so you can make the most of your day. You must report to the Snow School where you will be greeted and guided through the next steps, which consist in recovering your equipment and meeting your instructor.

Take breaks and progress at your own pace

This day of activity will certainly make you discover new muscles. It is normal to get tired during the first days of skiing. Take the time to stop for a drink, eat a snack, and recharge your batteries.


useful Informations

  • Check out the mountain code of conduct to learn the rules.
  • Do not forget sunscreen, even if it’s winter!
  • Wait until you have arrived at the station to put on your woollen stockings and other ski clothes (mittens, scarves, etc.). Moisture is the number one enemy if you want to stay warm all day. 
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory in all our snow parks, and highly recommended for practising sports on all of our ski slopes. Choosing to wear a helmet will make you will feel safer, more confident and warmer.