A good start to learn skiing or snowboarding

As you know, Le Relais is the number one family ski-snow resort. The best place to learn, regardless of your age. That’s why we created the PAM (Parc d’Apprentissage Modulaire, or modular learning park), which offers a free introduction to skiing or snowboarding in 5 steps, either independently or with a certified instructor. The PAM allows you to discover the sensation of sliding, and work on your balance, mobility and speed through different stations. The ultimate goal: to launch oneself confidently and safely down the slopes after having learned the basics in a fun way.  It’s simple, intuitive and so much more pleasant than arriving at the top stressed out because you don’t know how to get to the bottom!

Discover the PAM

Step 1 The flat ground
Become familiar with your equipment.
Step 2 The mini-pipe
Discover the sensation of sliding and develop your balance with confidence.
Step 3 The valleys
Naturally work on balance, mobility and speed control.
Step 4 Inclined turns
Discover first turns, speed and controlled turns on a specially shaped terrain.
Step 5 The perfect slope
The half-moon shaped slope offers the perfect incline for you to try your first turns on your own.

Continue learning on the Pente-École

After the PAM, you can continue to improve by adding a little more elevation. Just enough to go down safely. And above all, you can put into practice what you have just learned. An ascent allows access to the top of the school slope. This is the last step before heading up the mountain to the Dorothée or the Familiale.  Once that’s done, it’s time to discover the pleasure of sliding in the forest in the 1D glade. You can also enjoy the snow park by trying out the modules in complete safety on slope 15B Le Hameau.

You can go up the school slope on the magic carpet.